"We don't do food safety for our customers but primary for the consumer"

The food safety of the end consumer has our priority. Vetipak understands that in they are in a lot of cases the last one in the supply chain that can apply controls on the food safety.

To guarantee an optimal food safety Vetipak has a HACCP system and is FSSC22000 certified.

Site Oss       (link to certificate)
Site Veghel   (link to certificate)

We have a solid and up to date knowledge of algergenes and an optimal system to avoid crossinfections and -contaminations.

Next to that all packing lines have been equipped with metal or X-ray detection.

Foodsafety is secured by the FSS22000 certificate and seen as a minimum safety condition. The Vetipak quality system goes beyond this standard what resulted in the accreditation by various A-brand manufacturers. Next to that we do co-manufacturing for a variety of English retailers and manufacturers according to their severe codes of practise. The fact that a large A-brand manufacturer made their choice for Vetipak to re-pack their baby nutrition proofs that the system is far above market standards.

Vetipak always aims the highest possible quality standards is and therefore a safe brand house for their partners. On food safety Vetipak is "Future Proof".