Founder Frank Verkleij always had the ambition to bring his own candy line to the market. The idea to launch a brand for a large target group was already born years ago while working in the industry as a buyer for Kruidvat and later as commercial manager for Jamin. Although his ambitious plans were criticized by many the innovative brand "Just Candy" has been launched succesfully in the meantime and is ready for further roll out.


With the help of a renomated marketing office Frank succeeded to position Just Candy as trendy, ambitous, international and with the little devil as brandlogo a little naughty. The brand targets a broad public open for new and different.

The assortment exist from a line of Jelly beans in different packagings and is available in the out of home market. For 2014 the brand will be launched in the international food retail market with a focus on Benelux, France and Scandinavia. In 2013 Just Candy was launched in South-Korea and seeing the repeat order the outlook for 2014 is very good. Just Candy will exhibit on the 'Food&Hotel Asia' show that will be held in Singapore coming April. In the meantime a 'Fudge' line has been launched and a lot of new products lines are on the roadmap.

Frank Verkleij, CEO and founder of Just Candy bv

During the packaging selection process Frank came into contact with Vetipak and immediatly liked the involvement and entrepeneurship of this organization. "At Vetipak you're not a number, they think in solutions. Vetipak adviced us optimally during the development phase and helped us to create our dream" says Verkleij.

Just Candy is using the Vetipak "Full Service" concept and therewith secures a good quality, spreads financial risk, has no pré investments in packaging materials, is saving costs and benefits from the Vetipak expertise that really adds value trough quality and efficiency.

By using the Vetipak Full Service Concept Frank can fully focus on the market expansion of Just Candy.

The Jelly Beans from Just Candy are being delvered in bulk, processed by Vetipak into various packagings such as piramide bags, cups, standing pouches and flip top boxes.

Visit www.justcandy.nl for more information.