Vetipak has been established in 1997 by Arno van de Ven and Hans Timmers and started with a small location in Heesch. Vetipak has been developed from a small contract packer to one of the leading European contract packers and has multiple high tech factories over different locations in The Netherlands. As privately held corporation with strong entrepeneural spirit, Vetipak has the ability to continue their ambition to grow their business in a controlled manner with their long term business partners throughout Europe . 

Current Capacity:
Location Landweerstraat:             6.000m2 
Location Doornhoek 1:                10.000m2 
Location Menhirweg:                   11.500m2
Location Doornhoek 2 (Petfood):    2.000m2

In-house co-packing with Vetipak External in Breda
In-house co-packing with Vetipak External in Tilburg
In-house co-packing with Vetipak External in Ridderkerk

In these facilities we operate with a flexible dedicated team that we can adjust according to the needs, fluctuation from 250 to 500 employees, flexworkers and our strong alliances with IBN.

Future plans:

  • Building business case on expansion in Europe
  • Building business case on expansion on customer location (Vetipak External B.V.)

Below you will find a summary of our milestones, Vetipak creates an enterpreneural envirmonment with continuous developments and corporate dynamics and passion.

  • Start up: Vetipak External for in-house co-packing and service at Schenker Ridderkerk (Consumer Electronics and other segments)
  • Start up: Vetipak External for in-house co-packing and service at Schenker in Tilburg (Consumer Electronics and other segments)
  • Opening Dedicated Petfood Co-manufacturing site (End May 2012)
  • Vetipak achived FSSC 22000

  • Start up Co-manufacturing site
  • Established Vetipak External for In-house co-packing and services at Schenker in Breda (Consumer Electronics)

  • Signed off investment plan, to build brand new State-of the Art factory as 3th location in Oss. Planning for operations, Start 2011, with more then 11.000 m2
  • Possibility to dose and to pack powders such as coffee, soup and flour
  • Taken a seat in the board of E.C.P.A.; European Co-Packer Association
  • Established Vetipak External B.V. for "in-house" contract packing partnering in "third party" location and locations with dedicated supply chain operations

  • Expanded Board of Directors to 3 members
  • Sedex membership, our contribution to Social Repsonsibility
  • First production line Veghel factory operative in March and official opening in September
  • Further expansion signed off Developing 2nd high tech factory: location Veghel
  • Expanded location Oss to 6000m2           
  • Implementing and BRC certified  
  • Start Co-operation with disabled people (IBN Group)
  • Moved to Oss where a 2000m2 facility was build for contract packing in open- en pack products
  • Development of Vetipak's own production oriented ERP system
  • Standard 2 shift available, but expanding as required
  • Founded in Heesch with 500m2.