Vetipak is your partner when it comes to contract packing or contract packing services. Since 2009 our partners chose more and more for our Full Services concept; our "cafetaria model" to focus on your own core competences and leave the packaging part to the core competences of Vetipak.

There are many reasons why our business partners make their choice for co-packing at Vetipak. We add value by our expertise, facilities and services.

Within Vetipak we are a strong believer in long term relationships to offer added value in common business. Together we achieve continous improvements in process, technique, research, communication and relationships. In case this long term relationships get established we get the ability to offer added value to your different business drivers:

Vetipak is able to contribute to turnover improvements by offering one stop shoppping by their multiple technique portfolio, more and different products at relative lower costs and or investments (economies of scale).

Cost structure:
Contribute to overall corporate cost reduction by offering Vetipak full service concept or integrate Vetipak in your strategic supply chain and reduce further logistical- and logstical management costs. Reductions on overhead, communications, damaged goods and investment savings.

Organizational Excellence:
Vetipak is able to assists you in improving your organization excellences by offering more and quicker (new) products at lower investments (TTM & TT€), being more flexible in techniques and volume, improve flexibility, better utilization of the capacity.

"In other words we are building a path that our brand owners are able to focus on their core business, while we utilizing our core business from A to.......................Z!"

This we organize by our passion in packaging, freedom of choice and mutaul contribution to deliver a safe environment for your valuable BRANDS . This in combination with our professional process that  includes our Service Level Agreement, Business reviews and organizational flexibility by our assets but even more important our Team Spirit. The implemented business review meetings are organized to sustain and expand strategic relationship, between multiple disciplines: Operations, Logistics, Quality, R&D, Marketing and Finance.