Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to entrepreneurship at the very highest level. At Vetipak, we take that responsibility, in various different areas. Our customers derive pleasure from this fact, but much more importantly: so too does Patrick.

Patrick is lightly handicapped, both mentally and physically. He often finds day-to-day life a little overwhelming, which is why he lives under the supervision of Stichting Dichterbij. However, Patrick is very capable of working. In fact: there's nothing he likes to do more.

Fortunately, he has the opportunity to work, due to the agreement we have entered into with the integration company IBN. Every day, depending on the season, between 100 and 200 people work at Vetipak through IBN. For us, this means: dedicated and skilled staff who enable us to be very flexible and help us to realise a competitive price. And for Patrick and his colleagues, it means: the satisfaction, recognition and enjoyment of daily work!

Thanks to our alliance with IBN, soon (in our third factory) we will have even more work for Patrick and his colleagues. Moreover, this will enable us to match our work and their capacities with even greater success.

 Dutch TV-program about the co-operation between IBN and Vetipak

Vetipak's other CSR initiatives:

Less packaging materials
We are doing all that we can do reduce the quantity of packaging materials. To this end, we perform periodic critical assessments of our own production process. And we notify our customers about these. This results in a different way of thinking, but also in very simple yet effective measures. For example, our goods are delivered increasingly in bulk boxes of 10 or 12 kilos, instead of 8. And we reuse these boxes, of course.

Innovative packaging film
In collaboration with one of our market-leading customers, we have developed a special packaging film. The film is as strong as the old film, but almost 20 percent thinner. And this constitutes both financial and sustainability gains.

We have also developed a method that involves replacing hard plastic forms with 3D paper forms, which can be filled in our own factory. This is a great example of how we develop machines ourselves in order to eliminate costs from the complete supply chain, while at the same time saving the environment.

We sponsor the Polish social club OSStoja and the G-team (handicapped team) of the Blauw Geel 38 football association in Veghel. This sponsorship enables our employees to put their commitment into practice. We also thoroughly enjoy seeing the pleasure that 'our' G-team exudes!

Member of Sedex

Would you like to see hard data on our efforts in the area of CSR? That's possible. We are - just like other leading manufacturers, brands and retail organisations - a member of Sedex: the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

Sedex is a worldwide platform that offers insight into CSR efforts at operational level. Every company that is a member of Sedex is entitled to view our file. The information in this file is derived from an audit that was carried out by the auditors of Bureau Veritas in 2010. We were evaluated on the following aspects:
-    Working conditions
-    Safety
-    Health
-    Environment
-    Business ethics

We were given a very positive score for all of these aspects. We thus also comply with all SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) and ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) guidelines.

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