The co-packing business has been evolved over the last years tremendiously........., started 50 years ago as an excess capacity back up partner to a fully supply chain partner for long term strategies.

We have created an enviroment for all sorts of business; it is a clear vision: "everybody is welcome at Vetipak". If it is either for big, small, temporarely or long term business we are a solid partner that adjust our scope and fits it to your business model.

There are many different reasons for contract packing, our partners choose Vetipak for different strategies:

  • Extra (temporarely) packing capacity for (ir)regular, promotion or pilot volume
  • Flexibility in batches or production runs
  • Early adoption of new packaging technique's
  • Bypass investments in production technique's or capacity
  • Optimizing costs in case of low quantities vs. utilization excisiting lines
  • Growth path from introduction to mass volume (life cycle management)
  • Change of cost strategy: from fixed costs to variable costs (transparanbt cost structure)
  • Improve TTM (Time to Market = Money)
  • Outsourcing responsabilities and risks
  • Strategic choice: integrating in their supply chain

We would like to share that since the last 2 years our partners choose more and more the Full Service option as we have shown the added value in the relationship. You would like to learn more, please click to our Full Service page.