Vetipak is offering One-Stop-Shopping by their broad range of different techniques, mix of highly automated capabilities in combination with manual packing abilities. This in combination of our technical philosophies makes us the ideal partner to growth your business. In case the technology is not available yet at Vetipak, please don't hesitate to contact us and let's discuss how we can ramp this off together.

Examples of packed products you can find in the product overview. Our broad range of technologies starts with different capabilities to dose or filling your packages. Volume dosing, automatic counting or weighting all is available in different setups.

The most common way for weighing is the use of the so called multihead, a combination of multiple weight baskets (multi-heads). A multihead weigher is one of the most advanced computerized weighers available in the market today.

Stepper motor drives control both the intermediate and weighing buckets, which can be custom set for the desired speed and product volume. Product is fed from a central vibrator through linear vibrator feeders into holding buckets and then discharged on demand into the weigh pans. Each pan contains a certain percentage of the total target weight. The machine setting can be simply programmed and stored in the machines memory to allow for different product weights as well as products with different feeding characteristics. Products that can be successfully weighed on this range of machines vary from
free-flowing to sticky and fresh/frozen foods like confectionairy, snack food, nuts, fruits, etc.

An alternative is lineair weighing; a weight system that consists  A weight system that consists of two separate scales, each with their own drains. Through vibration, the product is transported from a hopper to the weighing containers. The scale is very flexible and easy to operate through a menu driven control panel. The lineair weigher is applicable to all types of bulk materials, such as rice, coffee, confectionairy, chips, etc.

(Automatic) Counting
Over the past decades (automatic) counting has been developed to automatic count different type of products for the confectionairy and chemical industry like:

•Twist-wrapped chocolate products
•Wrapped fudge & nougat products
•Chocolate & cream eggs
•Crunchy & candy bars
•Chewing gums
•Mints, sweets & acid drops

At Vetipak we count manual when our customers asks for small production runs, in case the products demand is increasing and production runs gets bigger we can move them to one of our multiple counting lines in both factories. At Vetipak we have a broad range of different counting lines, a variety from single counters to multiple counter in line. By using multiple counting machines on a bucket elevator it is possible to produce any conceivable product mixture.  And in conjunction with our broad range of packing machines we can pack them in almost any desidered end packag, i.e.; different bag types, carton boxes, thermoshaped format, etc.


Cups volume dosage

In case the products and weigths are not changing rapidly or the products are powders or granualtes, cups volume dosing is a suitable solution to get the appropiate volume in the packtype. The technique is less flexible as weigthing but more accurate when the products are powders or granulates (small like salt, raisins, sprinklers, etc). We can synchronize this system with our different packing machines to create the ultimate pack in good quality.



Auger/Agitator volume dosage

Auger filling is a volume spiral dosing system for powders. The machine features a stainless steel construction, is easy to clean, and is suitable for the and is ideal for the food industry. In the storage hopper an independently driven stirrer continuously mixes the product for high accuracy. The required volume is electronically adjustable by setting the rotations of the auger. An optional level controller in the hopper can be connected to a feeding system for automatic product refilling.

One Stop Shopping
In case your required technology is not available yet, please do not hesitate to contact us at our sales department and discuss. Because due to our entrepreneurial spirit in combination with our own engineering facilties we have been developing or investing in techniques for our business partner to ramp off their business with the required technique. In good cooperation we found a way together to make it happen and create success.