We are experts in all conceivable aspects of packaging. Therefore, we can also excel in relation to all of these individual aspects. When we combine several activities and aim for full service, or even further, we can serve our customers even better.

At Vetipak, we see 'packaging' increasingly as an activity to which we can add value. We do this by expanding our activities - step by step - and harmonising them more effectively with the activities of customers. Our entrepreneurship and financial strength enable us to go to great lengths in this process; very great lengths, in fact. 

Collaboration with Vetipak begins - to the left of the model - with the simplest of activities, such as re-packing: the customer supplies products which we subsequently re-pack. As the customer progresses further to the right of the model, we gradually add value. At each step, the customer benefits more and more from our specific - and unique - qualities.

With 'full service', we achieve a far-reaching form of collaboration involving the management and execution all packaging activities for the customer, as well as assistance in the development and setting up of these activities. As such, we can eliminate costs from many places in the supply chain.
The ultimate form of collaboration - to the right of the model - entails forming part of the customer's supply chain. For one of our customers, we thus also function as an 'external factory' that collaborates fully in all of the customer's processes.

Of course, it's up to the customer to decide how much value we add in our 'menu'. However: the earlier in the process we are able to discuss this with the customer, the greater the contribution we can make.

Whatever the customer chooses, he is always guaranteed a very high quality, the best operational conditions and commitment at both operational and strategic level.