With our new FreeFormPack® technology we can offer brand owners a range of interesting new benefits and possibilities compared to regular cartons, spiral wound tubes as well as plastic containers.

For those who are already informed about our coming innovation, we can inform you that we are moving into the right direction and expecting the machine after the summer. Together with the team of FreeFormPack and our engineers we are preparing the FAT for delivery the machine to Vetipak later this year.

FibreForm® is a sustainable alternative to plastics. It is made from a Renewable material, it is recyclable and FSC-certificied. It reduces plastic up to 65%, and carbon emissions up to 75% compared to plastic containers.
The FreeFormPack®:s functionality can be further enhanced with functional closures i.e. for scooping, dispensing and pouring. FreeFormPack® gives the optimal protection for your goods with a sealed, leak proof construction and barrier coating.
Cost efficient
With fast changes of tooling we can provide high flexibility and efficiency of the FreeFormPack® machine. The reel-fed in-house production of packages gives you  major savings on transportation, ware housing and internal handling compared to pre made containers. Within Vetipak we can deliver our customers all of this under the same roof, so no extra transportation needed and saving supply chain costs.
With our innovative technology you can really make a change and differentiate your brand! You can create visually unique shapes, textures and silhouettes whilst maintaining the natural and premium feeling with a tactile paper material. Our package also offers a very strong counterfeit protection.

For more information you can visit the website.