The last few months, we have welcomed some new employees at Vetipak. We would like to introduce them to you: Ruud Verheijen (warehouse coordinator), Yvonne van Gool (logistics associate), Ynno van Erp (trainee) and Johan Verbruggen (plantmanager Oss).

Ruud Verheijen - Warehouse coordinator
Ruud Verheijen, our new warehouse coordinator began at Vetipak Oss early in July of this year. Ruud is 35 years old and lives with his wife in Tienray.

Just before Ruud started working at Vetipak, he was the owner of his own company: Modehuis Cruysberg. Ruud has been involved with the start-up of this business, which is being runned by his wife for several months now. He was mainly responsible for everything that had to do with the supply chain. After that Ruud has worked a long time at Lutece (the largest producer of long-life mushrooms). Here he was the manager in the logistics area (orderpickers – forklift drivers) Ruud wanted to be in the ‘logistics world’ again where his heart lies. We want to welcome Ruud in our plant in Oss, where he is daily in charge of our warehouse. 

Ruud his hobbies are fitness and working on his old-timer motorcycles and cars.

Yvonne van Gool - Logistics associate
Since August 5 2016 Yvonne van Gool started at Vetipak Oss at the Logistics Operations department for her new challenge as a logistics associate. 

Yvonne was born on May 8, 1966 in The Hague. She currently lives with her husband and dog in Oss. Yvonne has worked previously at EMI Compact Discs in Uden as order entry assistant and later as a customer service assistant. After that, she started working at Aroma Uden BV, a laboratory for the development of flavors and fragrances, where she spent two years in the administration department. About six months ago she landed on the Logistics Operations department as a logistics associate at Vetipak Oss. She still fulfills this function with a lot of pleasure! 

Yvonne her hobbies are long walks with the dog, shopping and grab some drinks with friends. But her biggest hobby is still the company of her husband: GVG Trans. Since Yvonne also has her truck license, she loves to drive the truck in the weekends when possible. 

Ynno van Erp - Trainee
Since 2 December 2016, we have a new trainee working at our plant in Oss; Ynno van Erp. Ynno started as a trainee in September for his study Business Administration, but since the beginning of December he is officially working at Vetipak. Ynno is 23 years old, lives in Nistelrode and has just earned his bachelor Business Administration at Radboud University in Nijmegen. In the future he plans to start his master in Business Administration, but until then he will remain working at Vetipak. 

Ynno is currently working on describing processes and creating work instructions on a Vetipak-wide level. He puts knowledge and skills of people on paper (and digital) to ultimately ensure that the knowledge and skills of all the employees remains at Vetipak, and then apply it to our expansion plans. Ynno likes to work at Vetipak because of the positive approach and attitude of his colleagues and because there is a nice atmosphere in the workplace.

The biggest hobbies of Ynno include golf and fitness.

Johan Verbruggen - Plantmanager Oss
With great pride we announce that Vetipak has found a new plantmanager for our site in Oss, namely an old acquaintance; Johan Verbruggen. Johan is 50 years old and lives with his wife and two daughters in Zeeland.

Johan started a few months ago as a manager of several projects to successfully generate big improvements ate the Logistics Operations department in Oss and he hopes to achieve more results in the future in the entire organization. Therefore, we are delighted that we Johan is willing to take up this challenge, he knows Vetipak very well from the inside out so that makes him a suitable plantmanager. Besides that, his vision fits very well in the organization. 

Please join us to wish all new members a warm welcome!