Nowadays, it is an increasing trend that packaging companies are dealing with decreasing production runs. One of these causes are shorter contracts in the retail and much faster design changes. Often, (too) high foil stocks are the result of too high (minimal) production volumes, to hedge the risk of “out-of-stock”. High costs and bigger risks on stocks that can not be sold are the result of this.

One of our strategic suppliers, Packaging Partners (formerly Pack Solutions) offers a unique solution. Packaging Partners uses a great technique to conduct short-run of flexibles at a competitive price. As a result, the above-mentioned stock risks are reduced and there will be no increase in the price of foils. If you want to know more about this technique, please read below.

Packaging Partners produces printed foils until nine colors starting at 1,000 meters at the world’s most modern, compact and extremely fast adaptable flexo-printmachines. Not only the small orders are unique, but also the technique is very innovative, which provides many more advantages over conventional printing techniques. Because they use LED curing UV inks (no solvents are used), it is excluded from the risk of migration and odor. In addition, they offer the opportunity to deliver the foils from their material stock within three weeks after approval of the proof. They offer this at very attractive prices, also before the prepress activities.

In addition, the digital technology ensures that even smaller series can be printed, for example sampling and small test production before proceeding to full production. This is made possible by using the HP Indigo 12-color print-technique. If the projects still become bigger or are big, we can also offer the well known rotogravure with all their benefits for larger production runs.  In short, Vetipak offers through their strategic packaging partners network for all flexible packaging requirements the right solution, whether it is 1 or 1,000,000 packages.

We are proud to have a supplier like Packaging Partners. For more unique innovations, please visit their website. There you can find more information about UV flexprint, for example.