In the Netherlands, more than a million people live below the poverty threshold. The food banks, so called ‘Voedselbank’ help the poorest society by providing them temporarily with food packages. In order to provide these people with enough food, they work with many different companies, institutions, governments, individuals and also Vetipak. How does Vetipak contribute to this? Once we have leftovers of bulk of our customers, we request approval of the customer to donate the bulk instead of destroying this. With this initiative we contribute together with our customers to a better society, especially for the group of people who can not afford this. For them we create a moment of indulge. In addition, we work together to combat poverty, food surpluses disappear and the environment is less affected. We also save the disposal costs, all of this contributes to a sustainable environment.

If our partnership with the food banks have drawn your attention, and would you like to help or do you have an idea about how we can save even more food? Please contact your Vetipak contact and we will arrange this for you towards the food banks. You can also donate directly, in that case we refer you to: