As you may known Vetipak, we like to work with various work-learning companies. Work-learning companies are offering meaningful work to people with a disadvantage to the labor market and they provide them with the best support they can ask for. 

At Vetipak External we also work with work-learning companies. In late 2016 we started with these activities at our site in Zeewolde where we execute all co-pack activities at our LSP partner: Bakker Logistics. Since late December we have entered into cooperation with Amfors Group.

Amfors is the work-learning company for the region Amersfoort. More than 1,200 employees of Amfors do very different work in and outside the region. At our External location Zeewolde we put at least 25 Amfors employees to work to do fitting packaging activities every day. Because of that, we grow towards 100 employees from sheltered workshops at our three External sites (Zeewolde, Breda and Tilburg) from various work-learning companies. And in some periods we even exceed that number! This is another good example of a partnership in which the Vetipak motto is: "not because it has to, but because it fits." "In our strategy, we see plenty of opportunities for (potential-) cooperation between work-learning companies, where we can rely on each othersís strenghts" according to Eric Vlassak - Operations Manager External Vetipak.

Have a look inside at Amfors: