In one of our newsletters last year we told you about our management trainee Joost van Staalduinen. We would like to tell you some more about what Vetipak wants to achieve with the use of management trainees in combination with (one of) our current management trainees, Joost van Staalduinen.

What is Vetipak’s goal with a management trainee? A trainee is someone who goes into training after his/her study at a company, in this case Vetipak. The reason is to ensure that we have enough young potential manager skills in our management pool. bound to us. He/she will first get to know the organization by working for several weeks at the various production locations in the different departments, such as quality, technical service, production and logistics. Then he/she will be used in order to make projects possible. These projects can be both projects and existing functions within the organization. Once every two year we choose to hire a trainee.

In the newsletter of May 2016, we have told that Joost started in October 2015 with the Poland project. After that he went to work at our plant in Veghel in June 2016. He was responsible for the further optimization of the production planning. 

As we had to replace our current planner in Oss last month, we were initially searching internally for someone to who could replace him. Joost has deployed the improvement of the planning process in Veghel and seemed therefore a very suitable candidate to apply his project into practice at our location in Oss.

Since February 27 Joost is our new (temporary) planner, at least until the end of October of this year. We wish him the best of luck to form and develop the production planning in Oss even further.