From strategy and continuing growth, we decided to open the well-known location Landweerstraat Oss again and re-design, with its own packaging options and techniques.

For those who have been partner of Vetipak for a while now, know this location as our former headquarters where many co-pack projects were implemented and eventually was one of the locations within the Vetipak network. Meanwhile, almost 20 years ago Vetipak bought this location to be able to follow the growth from the start. Until the end of 2015 the site was used as a full factory within the network. Since 2012, the co-manufacturing projects and headquarters function left for the Menhirweg in Oss, where location Landweerstraat was retained as an operation with mainly manual work for various clients in cooperation with IBN. Alongside our following sites; Oss - Menhirweg, Veghel Doornhoek, Veghel Doornhoek Petfood, External Zeewolde, 2 * Tilburg, Breda and sometimes activities in Willebroek (Belgium), we offer a suitable location in your supply chain.

Within the strategy we have put several steps at the end of 2016 by a re-shuffle program to make our sites better tailored to the needs of our customers. We looked at the core technologies by location. This allows us to provide an even better service and expertise towards our loyal partners. In this way, we once again have created room for further growth in these sites.

This means for location Veghel that we mainly dose through automatic counting and the core packaging technologies include; various transwraping, tins, jars, sleeving, cartonage and many specials (including our Vetibox).
At our location Petfood (Veghel) our core technology is: controlled mixing by weight and mainly horizontal pouch and sachet technologies with a few specials.
For location Menhirweg (Oss): primarily package open product through (controlled-) weighing, counting and various packaging technologies including; all transwraping, portion control, horizontal pouches and sachets, sleeving, cartonage, small jars/tubs, the impulse of the out of home impuls segment and X-folding.
At the new location Landweerstraat (Oss) we offer various flow pack opportunities, shrink and various manual operations, where we can provide the necessary flexibility (also at short-term) in relation to our large pool of trained packaging staff.

Since February we have been working on the redesign of this location and the (re-)placement of various technologies. We are now in full swing with the first projects and in the coming weeks we will be adding some more projects that come from our sites in Veghel and Oss (Menhirweg). The result is that we regain capacity and space in various factories for further growth and more attention within their own core technologies.

The location Landweerstraat is under responsibility of our Operations Manager of Vetipak External - Eric Vlassak.

We welcome you to one of our sites and fully support you with your packaging needs.