Sunday, September 17th our Chief Operational Officer Marcel de Bruijn and his son Luca swam for the charity: "Swim To Fight Cancer." In 2014, the first edition of Swim To Fight Cancer was launched by former Olympic ánd World champion open water swimming; Maarten van der Weijden. The event is held in 7 different cities with one common goal: collect as much money as possible for cancer research.

This year another edition was organized in 's-Hertogenbosch, which was not exactly held in the canals of ' s-Hertogenbosch, but at the Ijzeren Man (Iron Man) in Vught. Marcel and Luca have swum 2.1 kilometres and 800 meters for the charity. Luca was a spectator of the event last year and he became very excited to take part himself, but unfortunately he was a little bit too young. But  fortunately, this year he was allowed to join and Marcel also thought it was a wonderful initiative so they decided to go swimming together. In the end, Marcel and Luca collected €715!

They said it was a great experience and very cool to do such challenge. On the other hand it was very cold. But despite the cold it was a very enjoyable afternoon due to all the support of the people who encouraged them on the ‘sidelines’. 

Vetipak is very proud of colleagues like Marcel who are committed to charities like this! Maybe it inspires others to commit to an organization such as Swim To Fight Cancer!