We would like to introduce you to our newest employee at Vetipak; Mariska van Geffen. Mariska is since October 2nd our new administrative assistant at our Shared Service Centre and is under the direction of Rens van de Rakt (packaging technologist).

Mariska is 45 years old, lives with her husband Jeroen and three children (13, 9 and 8 years) in Nistelrode. In her younger years, Mariska has followed the study Economic and Administrative Education. She started her career as a purchaser of various companies, such as the ABN Amro and a wholesaler in toys. Then she founded her own webshop 13 years ago where she sold different types of toys. Mariska stopped with the webshop recently because she was looking for a new challenge. She also missed working (together) with colleagues. We saw Mariskaís passion and thatís why we decided to hire Mariska. 

Her activities at Vetipak include checking invoices, making purchase orders, improving maintenance models and calibrations, preparing samples, maintaining contact with suppliers, and further administrative support.
The reason that Mariska wanted to work at Vetipak was because the advertisement really drew her attention because it fitted perfectly with her precious jobs and education. When she walked into Vetipak, she immediately got a familiar feeling. Therefore she is really looking forward to her new challenge and make a difference together!

Besides her new job, Mariska is very busy building their new home and in addition she likes to do fun things with her family.

We wish Mariska good luck with her new job at Vetipak.