As you expect from us, we want to be Future Proof! on all fronts, also when it comes to corporate governance. To make the next professionalisation step at this level, there has been appointed an Supervisory Board since January 1st of 2016.

The Supervisory Board, has the task of supervising the policy and the general state of affairs within Vetipak from shareholders. We would like to introduce these three members of the Supervisory Board to you:

To start with Harrie ten Have, chairman of the Supervisory Board. Harrie lives in Schijndel, was born on December 2nd 1950, is married and father of three children. Harrie has worked 10 years in the past for the family business, mainly on commercial and logistics grounds. After selling the family business he performs commercial positions such as Unigro and ‘Van Eerd Groothandel’, now Jumbo. From 1998 to 2009 Harrie was general manager of Spar Netherlands. Since he finished his last position he is still active in the food sector, including as president of the ‘Vakcentrum’ in Woerden.

The following member is Wim van de Wetering. Wim lives in Uden, was born on April 28 1961, is married and has three children. Wim has worked in the past as an chartered accountant and is currently an independent financial and tax consultant. In addition he has a management position at OadisBim Process Advisors Oss. Wim is specialized in the field of finance.

Finally, we introduce Patrick Esselaar. Patrick lives in Heeswijk-Dinther, was born on June 26 1969, is married and has four children. Patrick had positions in the past as Managing Director, Board Member, Vice President and C.O.O. Europe at several international logistics companies. Currently, Patrick is Managing Director at ESLR Holding B.V.. His expertise lies particularly in the fields of logistics and packaging.