On Saturday, June 18th 2016, the first edition of Bike my day will start. “Bike my day” is a cycling tour where participants register as a team and cycle 400 km, 20 laps of 20 km. Vetipak will also commit to this beautiful charity. 

Through sponsorships and gifts we hope to gain as much money as possible for Villa Joep, an organization that fights  neuroblastoma children’s cancer. The Villa Joep dream is to cure all children with neuroblastoma children’s cancer. This dream can become reality when they have done enough sufficient research. Of course, this requires money. Through donations, Villa Joep collects funds to enable research. These donations are entirely devoted to do research into childhood neuroblastoma children’s cancer.

Vetipak will also cycle along with a team to raise money for this charity. The team consists of: Johan Verbruggen, Joost Hermans, Noud van der Linden, Jop Pierik and Bob van Dommelen.

Would you like to sponsor our Vetipak team? Then go to the following website: You can determine the height of the amount. Because, together we make the difference.