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Written by the teachers Natasha and Thea

You have a full-time job and you live in the Netherlands, but you were born in Poland. You mainly have Polish colleagues, but you also want to learn to speak Dutch because you now live here  after all! Fortunately for our Polish colleagues, Vetipak thinks along  and sees the importance of speaking (more) Dutch at work. Therefore they arranged a special course for those who wanted to learn to speak the Dutch language more and better.

Last year a large number of Polish employees started this course enthusiastic in two different groups. For over a year they worked really hard, both in class and at home. Doing homework, giving presentations, reading, speaking, writing, all of it was part of the course. Beside that they had a full-time job with changing services. The  enthusiasm was often great in class, even though the fatigue sometimes emerged and they had to fight against their sleep after a night shift.  

We are very proud that every “student” recently obtained their certificate. At the ceremony they have tried to teach us some Polish, but oh, that was very difficult! Therefore we have even more respect for this achievement. 

Congratulations with this result and good luck with starting to use the Dutch language in real life and keep practicing, that’s the most important thing to keep doing.

Good luck!

Teachers Natasha and Thea

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