About Vetipak

We provide innovative, scalable, and high-quality co-pack solutions for leading brands and private labels in the field of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.



Every aspect of co-packing

We offer our clients every aspect of co-packing: from design, realization, purchasing and management, to financing and of course the packaging of the products. Production and service at the highest possible level.
Or as Marcel Wijnhoven (DB Schenker) describes it: ‘Decisive and deliberate’. Would you like to know why? Read all about it in his own words.




Only the Vetipak way

We work for the owners of leading brands and private labels in the field of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. But we only do so when we can do it the Vetipak way: by making a real difference with innovative, scalable, and superior-quality solutions.
Since 1997, we have grown from a small local packaging company to become one of the largest co-packers in Europe. It’s been a wonderful journey, with many important milestones along the way.




Together we can make a real difference

The only way to offer the best solutions is to come up with them together with our clients, but also with our staff, suppliers, and social partners. Because together we can make a real difference.
Working together means paying attention to your surroundings. To that end, we’ve drawn up a clear CSR policy, and we pay considerable attention to quality and safety.




At Vetipak, our values go DEEP(T)*

* In Dutch: ‘GOET2’, meaning ‘GOOD(T)’


One of the important foundations for our success is our internal values: easy to remember, and to implement. They’re the words we live by. Read how below.




We do not differentiate between individuals: everyone belongs, and everyone makes a contribution.

Everyone gets plenty of room to see new opportunities - and to seize them!

Do you think things could be done differently? Better? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback.

We only do things that we can be proud of.

We can only make a real difference when we work together. And doing so presents new opportunities - for everyone.