Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral element of how we do business. We handle your products with the greatest possible care, and we do the same with our employees and the world we live in.


Member of Sedex
We are a member of Sedex, a global platform that provides insights into CSR efforts at the operational level. An audit by Bureau Veritas has awarded us a positive score in every aspect:


·      Working conditions
·      Safety
·      Health
·      Environment
·      Corporate ethics


As a result, we have earned the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certification, which means we meet the requirements of the ETI code (Ethical Trading Initiative) and the AIM progress goals.


Less packaging material
As experts in the branch, we acknowledge our responsibility to actively look for ways to minimize the use of packaging materials. We do that by proactively testing new materials and by participating in our clients’ sustainability agendas. We also invest in our own product development activities. Some examples include:


·      An innovative film that is 20% thinner, but just as strong
·      Vetipouch: a 3D paper pouch format, which eliminates the need for plastic
·      Vetibox: a 3D paper box format, which eliminates the need for plastic


Sponsoring and support
We’re extremely active in society, and we support several social organizations and initiatives: from Stichting Hulphond to the Summer Entrepreneur Project. Our support policy is based on three priorities:


·      Improving opportunities for children and young people
·      Local and regional initiatives
·      Initiatives that promote healthy living