Quality and safety

Like any good partner, we meet the highest standards for quality and safety demanded by the market. But more importantly, we proactively brainstorm together with you, in order to make us both Future Proof.


Meeting the high quality standards required by our clients (and the segments in which they are active) is one of our main priorities. To that end, we utilize an excellent quality and HACCP system, we optimize our processes with LEAN and SMED methods, we have our internal logistics in good running order, and of course, we work closely together with our clients.
Some aspects of our quality control process include:


  • Packaging processes in fully separated compartments
  • Separate loading docks for the delivery and shipment of products and materials
  • Compartmentalized climate control and filtering (and monitoring)
  • High-quality metal detectors that meet the highest standards
  • An excellent documentation management system that allows us to carry out new instructions and checks efficiently and effectively
  • A powerful track & trace system to provide the information we need when we need it
  • Advice on labelling, allergy information, and packaging materials
  • Strict agreements and checks to prevent allergen contamination.


These measures ensure that we do not only deliver packaged products, but also actively contribute to improving quality.
For you and your clients, that means: the confidence that the products have been packed at a company where quality and (food) safety are the absolute highest priority.
For our employees, that means: a workplace that is safe, healthy, and fun to work at.





FSSC 22000

Our approach has earned us the FSSC 22000 food safety certification. We also meet client-specific quality standards (for packaging unwrapped products as well).
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Click here to see the Vetipak B.V. FSSC 22000 certificate.

Click here to see the Vetipak Veghel B.V. FFSSC 22000 certificate.




We also package organic products in accordance with the strictest possible norms, and have earned the Skal certification.


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Visit the skal website.


Click here to see our SKAL certificate.



Member of Sedex

We strive to live up to our social responsibility within the chain, so we have joined Sedex and earned the platform’s certification. That means we meet the requirements of the ETI code and the AIM Progress goals.


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FDA- and NMI-recognition

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