What’s it like to work at Vetipak? If you talk to one colleague, they might describe Vetipak as an enjoyable place to work. We’re a relatively small family-run company, with short lines of communication and plenty of attention to our individual employees. Another colleague might emphasize our entrepreneurial and innovative personality. We’ve grown rapidly year after year: in numbers of clients and in revenue, but also in technologies and opportunities.



Does that combination sound interesting to you?
And do you think you have the ‘Vetipak DNA’? Then take a look at our job openings. But react fast, because we need employees like you! If you don’t see a suitable opening, but you believe that you have something to offer our company, send us an open application anyway.


What does it mean to work at Vetipak? 
Casual atmosphere + Professional organization + Plenty of attention paid to innovation + Many opportunities for advancement + Space for your own initiative + Focus on collaboration + Respect for one another


‘We have each other’s backs!’
Read the interview of Rob van der Wijst >

At Vetipak, our values go DEEP(T)*


* In Dutch: ‘GOET2’, meaning ‘GOOD(T)’
Do things your own way Do you think things could be done differently? Better? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback.
Equal We do not differentiate between individuals: everyone belongs, and everyone makes a contribution.
Entrepreneurial Everyone gets plenty of room to see new opportunities - and to seize them!
Proud We only do things that we can be proud of.
But what does the (T) mean? It stands for Team. We can only make a real difference when we work together. And doing so presents new opportunities - you included!


Internships and starters

We jump at the chance to invest in rising talent, not only because we feel a responsibility to do so, but also because we want to learn from you as much as you want to learn from us.
So are you ambitious? Do you think you have the ‘Vetipak DNA’? And would you like to do an internship with us? Then let us know by sending an e-mail to: