“Building IT Solutions with vision and courage”

Our company is growing. Sometimes so fast that we have to make an extra switch. For example in the field of: a complex world full of solutions that we desperately need to take our next steps. Jan Vianen, working at Marcadus, will helps us with this.


Can you explain what your role is within Vetipak?

“In an organisation that is growing so fast, it is very important that processes and structures also are growing, including IT. IT is often seen as one of the challenges that is unclear and expensive. It is my job for the Board of Directors to unpick all IT initiatives, to examine them and to determine what is needed to keep manageable.”


And how does that work?

“At this time, it is going well. A great example is the implementation of a new CRM system, with which we would like to get more control over the sales process.  Excel sheets are working well, but to a certain extent. Furthermore, Vetipak was ready for a further standardization.  We have set up a Document Management System, with which employees use the same standard at all locations. This provides a central insight and overview. After all, that is what you need if you want to grow.”


"Vetipak is prepared to continue take steps. That shows vision and guts.'
Jan Vianen


How do you ensure that solutions are future proof?

“Regularly we sit around the table with the IT-steering committee to determine our next steps. We only do things if they will help Vetipak further as a total organization. We always ask ourselves: what do we have currently And how does a project Vetipak getting stronger?”


What is your impression of Vetipak as an organization?

“Vetipak is a pleasant, open, Brabant company that constantly wants to modernize, and they are also aware that they play an international role. I have noticed that the people within Vetipak have a great passion for the company as well. For example; I experienced absolutely no resistance when rolling out new projects. There is much more of an atmosphere here like: ‘’Why didn’t we start this before?’”


What are your next steps?

“Vetipak does not have its own IT department, and consciously chooses to hire specialist knowledge. The need for modernization therefore is clearly recognized. The Board of Directors is also prepared to continue take steps. That shows vision and guts. For example; we are currently digitizing the HR process. Based on an interesting philosophy: Hire to retire. With this we want to bind people to Vetipak even longer. And so there are even more processes that we start working with. Together we will take Vetipak further and we will make a lasting difference.