‘Learning together, growing together’

For years, Nestlé International Travel Retail has been one of our international clients. Elisabet Conesa Martinez, Operations Manager at the Swiss company, prefers to refer to it as a real partnership. Five questions, five answers.


What does a ‘partnership’ mean to you?
“That you operate as a single team, and that you can always rely on one another. And that’s definitely the case with this partnership. We’re working on a great development together, in which we both are eager to learn from one another. That’s the best foundation for growing together.”


Even though the two companies are so different...
“That’s right! We’re one of the biggest food corporations in the world, while Vetipak is a privately owned specialist firm. But maybe that’s what makes it such an ideal combination: the ‘greatness’ of Nestlé and its brands, combined with Vetipak’s flexibility and quality. That combination allows us to constantly offer our clients the very best products.”
The Dutch are known around the world for being very ‘direct’ in their communications. How do you experience that?
“Yes, I’ve definitely noticed that, and I appreciate it very much. Directness, honesty, and calling a spade a spade makes a partnership so much more efficient. At least, as long as each side respects the other. And we do. If I were to describe the culture at Vetipak, I would call it their huge spirit of togetherness. No matter who you do business with, it’s always in a very personal manner.”
And what word would you use to describe Vetipak’s operations?
“That would be ‘practical’. Or ‘simple’, but in the good sense of the word: without a lot of hassle. And take it from me: you have plenty of hassle when you have to deal with the strict global standards for quality and safety. But thanks to Vetipak’s practical approach, we always manage to get it done.”
And finally: what challenges does the partnership face?
“The challenges are mainly in the organizational realm. They’ve grown fast, and we’ve developed a different work method that requires more coordination. But you know, change is the one thing that always remains constant. And something can always go wrong somewhere. That’s not a problem, as long as you continue learning and growing together. If it’s up to me, we’ll keep doing that for a long time to come.”