“Sustainability is going to play a major role”

For several years we have been producing fashionable gift boxes for a leading brand in the body and home sector. Or more accurately, our partner Eska has been doing this. Eska is run by Rienk Jan van der Kooi. He says that it’s a perfect partnership that benefits both partners. Five questions, five answers.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vetipak?

“Quality! We’ve been working together for several years. Back then, it was rather unusual to be asked to produce solid cardboard packaging boxes that were colored on the inside: yellow, pink or blue. But it’s really lovely to produce something so ‘exotic’; something very different indeed. Particularly when time is also a key factor, without compromising on quality.”


Why do you see this partnership as a good match?

“Vetipak has a great, fun team of knowledgeable people with a no-nonsense approach. They say exactly what they think. And they’re not easily satisfied: they want to remain distinctive time and again and have a strong drive to get better every day. Just like us, in fact. So it’s a pleasure to work together.”


"Vetipak has a strong drive to get better every day. Just like us, in fact"

Rienk Jan van der Kooi, CEO of Eska


How does Eska make a difference for Vetipak?

“The quality of our products is of a consistently high standard. Combined with our innovativeness, a guaranteed supply and short delivery times, we help Vetipak to be effective and to position itself in a competitive market.”


And how does the partnership with Vetipak benefit you?

“When Vetipak wins competitions thanks to our partnership, we automatically benefit too. Every new Vetipak customer presents us with a wonderful opportunity. I would also stress how much fun we have. It’s about more than commercial interests: for us, a good relationship also means getting to know each other and laughing together. At Vetipak they understand that perfectly.”


How do you see your partnership developing in future?

“In my opinion sustainability is going to play an even more important role in packaging. I see us working together closely in this respect with Vetipak’s experts, with our aim being to ensure that Vetipak has something distinctive to offer in the market. If we remain honest with one another and keep expressing our mutual expectations to one another, I see nothing but opportunities.”



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