‘Technically extremely capable’

Technology plays a major role at Vetipak. That’s why we enjoy working together with Multipond, a global leader in the field of industrial scale technology. Together, we push things to the limit, says Managing Director Frank Caris. Five questions, five answers.


How would you describe what it’s like to work with Vetipak?
“As a high-level partnership. We’ve been working intensively together for a long time, and we both strive to achieve as much as we possibly can.”
What makes Vetipak stand out from the competition?
“They’re extremely capable when it comes to technology, and they know the market inside and out. Some clients need to be led by the hand, but Vetipak actually challenges us. They also have a good sense for what might not seem to be possible right now, but should be possible eventually. And they don’t let go until they’ve found a solution. Plus, they aren’t afraid to invest in technology.”
Can you give an example?
“We recently had a project with a mix application for upright packaging. Before, they produced 50 per minute, but they wanted to push that to 60. Together, we came up with the right configuration. Going from 50 to 60 might seem like a small step, but it’s an increase of 20 percent. If you do that for every component - and they do - then it starts to really add up.”
All of your clients could do that too, right?
“In theory, yes, but at Vetipak they aren’t afraid to take investment risks that many others would be afraid to take. And when you do, you can take fundamental steps forward. That’s nice for us, of course, because we’re the kind of supplier that doesn’t just deliver products, but also wants to brainstorm together to find the best solutions.”
And lastly: what do you think about their corporate culture?
“They’re very pleasant to deal with. As we like to say in English: ‘They walk the talk’. In other words: they’re clear about what they stand for, and they deliver on their promises. That makes it nice to work with them.”