A day in the life of... Hans Snel

What’s it like to work at Vetipak? It’s mainly a combination of passion for your craft, intensive collaboration with your client, and enjoying everything you do. Read what Hans Snel has to say about it. Together with his colleagues Rens van de Rakt and Karolina Zapadka, he visited one of our corporate clients in Poland for a Quarterly Business Review.


Monday, 25 March, 07:00

Got up early to pick up Rens and Karolina in Venlo. From there, we carpooled to Dusseldorf. We arrived just in the nick of time, despite the traffic. Wherever we looked, we could find ‘our’ products, even at the airport (where I straightened up the displays). This shelf is almost entirely Vetipak products.




Our plane departed for Warsaw for a Quarterly Business Review with one of our corporate clients. Our team included a senior packaging technician, a customer support assistant, and a key account manager. In other words, all of the disciplines we need to be able to act fast. 
Last weekend, it was almost 20 degrees in the Netherlands, but in Warsaw we found ourselves in a winter snowstorm, which we later heard resulted in injuries and even deaths. 





We took in the sights in the city center and played the tourist while we were in town. Then, at the end of the day, the three of us enjoyed a meal together. During business trips like this, you not only get to know the client better, but also each other. #teambuilding! 


Tuesday, 26 March, 09:00

In the morning we had a meeting with the Country Fulfillment Team. This team’s responsibilities include scheduling production at Vetipak and delivering the products we need.
The first thing we talked about was how proud we can be of the improvements we’ve made together over the past few months. Then we went through various aspects of our work together: the forecast, the production schedule, timely delivery confirmations, the weekly call, the SAP booking process, the IT interface...



In the afternoon, we split up into groups around our own fields of expertise. Karolina went with her contact there to learn more about the client’s system. The contact person had visited us before, in November, so the visit is great for building mutual understanding!
Rens and I had a meeting with the Product Change Management (PCM) team. We started the meeting with an introduction of Vetipak for the new team members. Then we discussed our packaging options, and we reviewed the products we’ve launched recently. Finally, we looked towards the future: what are the areas of improvement, and which projects should we start over the next few months?
Very nice: the team had some compliments for us too. Our flexibility, reaction time, and professionalism made especially good impressions on them over the past few months.




After a smooth flight back to Dusseldorf, we arrived safe at home. A cup of tea, and then off to bed, because I had to be back at the office early the next morning. It was a busy day, because you have to stay sharp from minute to minute, but it gives you a feeling of satisfaction to be able to work so intensively together with a client.
Here’s to new successes together!