A day in the life of... operator Tomasz Telega

His career at Vetipak started ten years ago with a position as a packaging worker. But as driven as he is, it didn’t take long for Tomasz Telega to make progress: he completed his operator training and took up the position that he still enjoys to this day. “The technical aspects, working for top brands and with great colleagues... this is a wonderful, varied job,” says Tomasz. He’s taking us along with him on a typical day at work.


4:45 a.m.: an early rise

We work in two shifts, unless it’s really busy, in which case there are three. I’m on the morning shift this week, which means I have to get up early. I could probably stay in bed longer, but I like to take my time for my morning coffee and to walk the dog. An hour later, I’m in the factory.


5:56 a.m.: time to work!

I usually start the day by consulting briefly with the shift supervisor. Once we’ve coordinated the schedule, I’m off to line two – ‘my’ line. Once there, I go through all the work assignments with the production workers. I also check the machines and start them: it’s time to work!


8:01 a.m.: a brief break

Everything is going smoothly. The packers and tosser are doing a great job at a good pace. Only one malfunction so far, but there’s no need for a mechanic – I can fix this problem myself. We work smoothly up until the first break, which is a good time to check in with my colleagues about how they’re doing. I enjoy working hard, but personal attention is also important.


9:27 a.m.: learning about automation

The first job of the day is done. We’re now moving from a special packaging for a major candy brand to a large job for a chocolate manufacturer. This means I have to convert the line. I adjust the machines, do the programming, and instruct the team. I love doing this, because I learn something new about automation every time.


10:46 a.m.: quality is our priority

After eating our sandwiches, we get going again with fresh energy. I test the first products to ensure the finish is correct, because quality is our priority. Then we’re ready to clock up some meters. Meanwhile, I make sure there are enough materials to keep the machines running, and record everything in the system.


12:13 p.m.: a quick visit to the shift supervisor

I drop by the shift supervisor’s office for a quick chat, because I think it’s possible to do things a little faster and better.


12:58 p.m.: moving forward together

The guys from technical services make a small adjustment, after which the line does indeed run a little more smoothly. So you see, all colleagues want to get ahead. And we make the difference together!


15:02 p.m.: the handover

Just as I started the day by consulting with the shift supervisor, that’s how I end it too. We discuss what went well, what could be done better, and any special issues. I also cover this during the handover to the afternoon shift operator, so they can use the information to their advantage. I go home satisfied. 


17:22 p.m.: into the woods

After dinner, my girlfriend Marta and I go into the woods with our dog. We love spending a little time outside in the fresh air before flopping down on the sofa. We don’t make too late an evening of it though, because the alarm will be going off early again tomorrow...