Big steps in Personal Care

We’ve made a flying start in a new market: Personal Care. That involved an investment of more than 2 million euros in a fully filtered and climate-controlled facility and new, high-quality technologies, including fully automated production lines and robotics. One of our first clients is the home & body brand Rituals.


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At Vetipak Personal Care, we mainly package more complex seasonal and promotional packs. But we also develop innovative solutions for deluxe gift packages, including rigid boxes. This process combines state-of-the-art technology from firms such as Emmeci with hands-on craftsmanship.
Our facility at the Landweerstraat Zuid in Oss has been fully tailored to the demands of the new market, with carefully regulated temperature, air quality, and storage of potentially hazardous materials.


Immediately ahead of the pack
In so doing, we are once again conquering a new market the ‘Vetipak way’: with complete conviction! Chief Commercial Officer Mark van der Burgt: “When we see opportunities that fit within our strategy, then we aren’t afraid to set the bar high and make major investments to immediately leap ahead of the pack in that market.”
“In this case, we mainly do it through reverse integration, which reduces the complexity of the process for our clients as well as reducing their costs. As a super-specialist, we also provide considerable added value through our expansive knowledge. Plus, our clients are less dependent on the ups and downs of the job market.”
100 employees
We have assigned the activities in the Personal Care market to one of the existing Vetipak locations in Oss (Landweerstraat Zuid), which began operations last year with 60 employees. Since then, we’ve made preparations to scale up to two shifts with almost 100 staff, and that number is expected to continue to increase in the future.
The activities that once took place in this location – largely involving manual labor – have been transferred to Vetipak locations in Oss (Menhirweg), Veghel and Zeewolde.
Growth strategy
The new activity is a deliberate step in our growth strategy. We’re now active in five markets: Food, Confectionary, Pet Food, Consumer Electronics, and the new addition Personal Care.
Mark: “We’re not growing for the sake of growth, but because upscaling offers enormous benefits. It enables us to make big investments, continue to innovate, and to grow to become the new standard in every market we enter. Our clients benefit from that, and it creates new employment opportunities.