Continuing education with GoodHabitz

At Vetipak, we seek to encourage our employees to engage in lifelong learning, both at a professional and a personal level. We use the online platform GoodHabitz for this purpose, which provides a variety of training courses. One of the participants is team leader Wioleta Krupa, who tells us: “It helps me to become a better team leader.”


GoodHabitz is a very wide-ranging platform, offering both job-related training and courses related to health, social media, personal development, and other areas. Employees can apply for the courses themselves, but we also actively use the platform for development issues and improvement processes. For example, when it’s time for the annual performance reviews, our managers can attend a course to improve their skills in this area. And there are many other situations where we offer training courses in response to specific demand.


Wioleta recently attended courses on team engagement and clear communication. We asked her about her experiences with GoodHabitz.


What made you decide to sign up for these courses?

“I was looking to improve my leadership skills. As a team leader, you need to keep your eye on the long term and are responsible for helping your team members to improve. I tend to want to solve everything myself, but that’s not what they need – it’s much better when team members are given the latitude to take their share of the responsibility. You can really strengthen your team in the long run that way. Also: when people feel engaged, their teamwork and the quality of their work improves, and they also don’t call in sick as often as they might have.”


What did your courses focus on?

“I did a course on team engagement, in which I mainly learned about the importance of motivation. How do you motive people as a team leader? And do you need to take a personalized approach?  This is worth considering, as all employees are different and need different types of support. The training course on clear communication focused more on expressing yourself clearly. How do you engage your team members in a discussion? And what do you do to prepare for this?”



“It was a great experience, and I’m

glad the courses are available online”


How did you feel about the method?

“I enjoyed it a lot and am glad the course is available online, which means you can do it at your own pace. Both training courses took up around two to three hours, which was the right duration for me to stay focused. I liked the way the courses were structured: there would be an explanation, followed by an article and exercises to apply your knowledge. We also took a test on completion of the course: it’s not an examination, but rather a test that teaches you about your own behavior and reminds you of potential alternatives. So all in all, it was very educational.”


What did you learn?

“I’ve become aware that, as a team leader, I also need to think about the longer term. I’ve also come to understand just how important connection and motivation are to the team performance, and how you can contribute to this as a team leader. Something simple but powerful you can do as a team leader is give compliments. But what’s important above all is day-to-day interaction: checking in with people every day to see how things are going and what they need from me to stay motivated.”


“That’s how I keep growing and developing”


What about the course you took on team communication?

“I mainly learned what I need to pay attention to when conducting important reviews or having important talks with my team members. The fact that I always need to prepare those reviews, and that I must decide in advance what I intend to achieve, and how I will say what I need to say. It’s also important to provide a clear summary at the end of the meeting and be clear about scheduling a follow-up appointment. While all this may seem very straightforward, in reality it can be tricky, and it’s definitely part of my job as a team leader. That’s why I’m glad I can attend these types of courses at Vetipak – that way, I can keep growing and developing at the company.”


The GoodHabitz platform offers around 150 training courses. The most popular course they offer is “Ownership”... which just happens to be part of our company’s DNA!