Maciej is building his dream

Maciej Wawrzyniak has a dream: one day he wants to build a house for his family in Poland. Reason enough to choose a career across the border. In 2018 Maciej started working for us and soon he grew into a cooperating line manager. “I am very happy with the opportunities I have.”



Maciej completed an IT education in Poland and worked at a software company for a while. “Only for half a year”, he says. “After that I started working for a production company in the automotive industry. A completely different direction, but I like the contact with people on the floor.” Unfortunately, he dit not earn enough in Poland to realize his dream: to build a big house for his family. “That is why I looked for my happiness across the border. In The Netherlands I still want to make my dream come true.”


No regrets

Maciej has never regretted his choice for Vetipak. “The fact that we are active indoors and therefore do not have to work outside in all weathers is a major advantage. I also like the people here. After a short time, I already knew most of my colleagues. And of course I love my work and the development I go through.”


“The company is counting on me,

that is good to know”


Worked up to A1

Maciej started as a packaging assistent on a production line for cosmetic products. “Soon I was able to work my way up to a position in which I checked the quality of the products through a short course. Now I am an A1, or co-operative line manager, a kind of operator role. I have my own line, where I manage ten colleagues and I am responsible for the machine and the products.”


Successful together

The certainty for a fixes number of working hours helps Maciej to continue building his dream. “I know where I stand; and the company is counting on me. That is good to know. Besides, I have not only developed in function and salary; I also speak a lot better English since I started working at Vetipak. And I also learn every day, because every day brings new challenges. By now I know: no matter what happens, we can get it done together.”


“All you have to do,

is willing to learn”


Wide horizon

Of course, a young man like me in the prime of his life eventually looks further. Maciej also know his horizon is wider than Vetipak. “I am really enjoying myself and I certainly don’t want to leave yet, but honestly: I will not stay at Vetipak until my retirement. I can say that my development here helps me to shape the next step in my career. I am very happy with the opportunities the company has given me.”


Grab your opportunities

Maciej’s motto is therefore: be active and grab your opportunities. “Vetipak is a company that likes to help its people to grow. You really can develop here. On a different line, on a different production location … All you have to do is willing to learn. At the same time, it is really not just work, work, work here.