Measuring Customer Satisfaction – the Vetipak Way

Meet Floor van der Molen: Business Administration graduate and recent Vetipak intern. We asked her to conduct a customer experience survey: like a regular survey, but with a Vetipak twist.


As luck would have it, a customer experience survey turned out to be the perfect project for Floor. As she tells us, it was an interesting job and – even more importantly – one with huge benefits for Vetipak and its customers alike.


“Hans, Mark, and the account managers obviously work very closely with their customers. But they wanted to find out how these customers really feel about Vetipak, so they could learn from this feedback and use it to further improve their customer relationships.”


Making the difference together

As Floor explains, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill final-year project: “Hans and Mark were – and still are – very much committed to use the results for further improving Vetipak’s cooperation with their customers. If respondents ask questions in their survey, Vetipak will answer them. If they give feedback, Vetipak will listen to improve. We see it as a two-way street: if we ask them for their opinions, they’re entitled to expect that we use that feedback constructively. Our payoff ‘Making the difference together’ served as a guiding principle throughout the survey.”


Remote Survey

When it almost looked as though the coronavirus pandemic would throw a wrench in Floor’s plans and would keep her from visiting customers onsite as scheduled, she decided to create a digital survey instead. “I was eventually able to ask all questions using this survey. How do our customers view Vetipak? What do they feel is important when it comes to our services? What do they expect from us, now and in the future? It turned into quite a detailed survey, but the smart software we used helped us to keep it manageable.”


Another aspect that made the survey special was how it was communicated to customers. Floor: “Since completing the survey took quite a bit of their time, we sent them a thoughtful gift as a token of our appreciation – as well as sharing the survey results with them, of course.”



Beginning and End

Floor wrote a series of recommendations for Vetipak based on the survey responses. And while completing her report marked the end of her internship, for Vetipak it was really only the beginning.


“Hans and Mark picked up right where I left off. They’re connecting with customers right now to define and answer their questions and to integrate the survey feedback into the various departments. This is essentially what any internship is about, or should be about: the intern does the research and the company then uses the results of that research.”


But Floor knows it doesn’t always happen that way: “Sure, I’ve heard stories from other students about their research ending up in a drawer somewhere. This makes me all the more thrilled that Vetipak is really going to use and continue to build on my work – and that customers get to benefit from it!”


The Future

Floor couldn’t be happier with her internship experience: “I learned a lot at Vetipak, not just on a professional but also on a personal level. In college we would receive a lot of support, but Vetipak gave me free rein: Hans and Mark encouraged me to just get out there and give it my best shot. Luckily, they were always available to me whenever I had any questions, no matter how busy they were, even amid the pandemic. I found that approach of being hands-off while continuing to provide support in the background extremely educational, and I’m proud to say that, as well as having taught me a lot, it has made me a lot more independent. I feel Vetipak has really given me the preparation and confidence I need to do well in the job market.”


“So thrilling that customers will get to reap the benefits of my work!”

Floor van der Molen