Oss takes the lead in circular packaging

Just like Vetipak, the municipality of Oss is very active in the field of sustainable packaging. Due to the strong presence of the packaging industry in the area, the municipality has even launched the Oss Circular Packaging Innovation Program. A publication on this subject recently appeared in FOOD Locations, for which our CCO Mark van der Burgt was also interviewed.


FOOD Locations Netherlands is an offline and online communication platform that facilitates communication between the food sector, government authorities and real estate professionals about locations for the food processing industry. In the latest issue, Alderman Frank den Brok talks about the Oss packaging industry and its sustainability focus.


Innovation program

“In September, we started the Oss Circular Packaging Innovation Program”, explains Den Brok. “Together with HAS University of Applied Sciences and companies located in Oss, we are fully committed to research, knowledge sharing and cooperation that enables participating companies to stay abreast of the latest developments, and to link up immediately with successful trends. The aim of this program is to ensure that the packaging chain both ends and starts with waste processors”, says the alderman.


Doing research together,

defining strategy

and making choices


Four of the companies participating in the program are interviewed in the magazine: Nutripack, Looman Salads, Acket and... Vetipak. “Packers and producers must collaborate to develop more sustainable packaging. They need to conduct research together, determine strategy and make choices”, says our CCO Mark van der Burgt in the magazine. “That starts very early in the collaboration, with every packaging solution. And it really doesn’t always have to be about innovations with respect to materials.”


Interested in finding out more? You can read all about it in FOOD Locations Netherlands: