Rani leaves Vetipak after almost 10 years

With pain in our hearts we have to inform you that our loyal receptionist Rani is leaving us. For almost 10 years, Rani -also known as “the tropical surprise of Vetipak” according to her colleagues- was the face and voice of our head office.



In those 10 years, Rani brought a smile and a good atmosphere, but she was also extremely professional with customers, suppliers and her own colleagues. It was always a party to call the head office in Oss, because then you got Rani on the phone. She took the time for everyone and people on the other end of the line always appreciated that.


Rani fitted well with the Vetipak DNA, she thought that the G of Gelijkwaardigheid (equality) was very important. If there was no equality in the workplace, there was no room to make a difference together. And if she didn't agree with something, she just put on her "Sorry I'm not listening" t-shirt. Because Rani didn’t only communicate by phone, but also internally via her private collection with the most enjoyable quotes on her t-shirts. Every time a surprise for us…


Rani, we thank you for your efforts in recent decades and we wish you all the best and good luck in your new challenge. One thing is for sure; at the Vetipak parties we don't have to buy as much Hugo as usual!


Fridaymorning August 16 is Rani her last day at Vetipak.