Solved: Paper packaging: heat-sealable and plastic-free

The packaging industry is on a mission to become radically more sustainable by 2025. We have teamed up with Packaging Partners to take a great leap forward. Starting today, we’re supplying five types of fully recyclable paper mono packaging, sealed with a thermo-sealable, plastic-free varnish.



The challenge: sustainable packaging

The packaging industry in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe has the assignment to start adopting ‘greener’ practices across the board. Working towards transitioning to a circular model, we at Vetipak have created a roadmap for this purpose. It all started more than seven years ago with the launch of a new laminate solution known as ‘PE paper’.


While this solution was perfectly adequate for the purposes for which it was designated at the time, it fell short of meeting our sustainability targets. Our next challenge was to develop a fully recyclable mono material. We have been offering plastic mono solutions for all packaging types for some time, but our next goal was even more sustainable: paper-based mono solutions.


The solution: smart sealing technology

This solution is now available, in the form of 100% paper pillows, block bottoms, standing pouches, sachets and flowpacks with a sealing layer. Chief Commercial Officer Mark van der Burgt: “We add the sealing layer as a plastic-free lacquer, using a coating process. In addition, the paper can be provided with barrier lacquers, which allows us to add protective properties for gas-permeability, vapour-permeability, MOSH-MOAH or grease-resistance. We can now finally offer the high quality paper mono packaging types we have been seeking to create all along.”


Using digital printing technology, this packaging is available in sizes of 500 metres and higher, printed using narrow-web flexography UV print up to approximately 25,000 metres and/or with gravure printing for larger print runs. Mark: “This means it’s pretty easy to get on board for anyone who wants to try out the technology first. But in fact we’re already well past the testing stage, and this packaging is all set to conquer the market.”


"We are already well past the testing stage, and this packaging is all set to conquer the market.” Mark van der Burgt, Vetipak



This sustainable solution is the fruit of our close, successful partnership with Packaging Partners and its partner Gerosa Group, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of printed flexible packaging foils.


Rob Daniels, co-owner of Packaging Partners: “Our two companies have been breaking new ground together for some time, but things really began to take off when we became Gerosa’s Benelux partner back in 2017. We are now one of the first companies to have completed the testing stage and that can actually supply this type of packaging. It is even available in five versions, in any quantity and any colour, complete with declarations of conformity relating to food safety, recycling certificates and technical datasheets. I would say it’s a pretty major leap forward ahead of 2025.”


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Rob Daniels (Packaging Partners): +31 (0)13 578 45 00

Mark van der Burgt (Vetipak): +31 (0)412 45 58 15        




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