Solved: process takeover at lighting speed

Can large brands outsource an entire process to Vetipak? Absolutely! We then join forces with the customer to develop the packaging material, and take over the purchasing process. Naturally, we also ensure that the packages are filled when they go out the door – with sweets, for example. That was our brief recently when we were approached by a top chocolate and confectionery brand.


The first step: a request for consultation

Our packaging technologist Rens van de Rakt and business development manager Joergen Pleijte were talking to one of our largest clients, who had approached us with the question: can we consult with you about a very specific type of packaging?
“Of course!” says Joergen, recalling their answer to the question. “We then got to work on developing the packaging. As usual, we looked at sustainability, the type and amount of material, and all of the technical aspects involved in protecting the contents. The unique shape of the packaging made it quite the challenge.”


“Once they’ve experienced the full service concept,
clients want it to happen at lightning speed”


The partnership: full service from start to end

Ultimately, the client chose a full service concept, says Joergen. “This means that we not only developed the material, we also prefinanced it, from the complete packaging to the labelling. The client was left with just the design to take care of, including the declarations and the content on the packaging. In this way, we not only contribute our knowledge and innovative ideas, we also take full responsibility for the project management tasks, saving the client a great deal of time and energy.”

The added value: results at lightning speed

Joergen continues: “Large brand organizations are simply less agile than we are. Keeping the process in their hands would make it rather like an ocean-going tanker, bobbing along at three mile an hour. We, by contrast, are like a speedboat, able to accelerate the process until it’s virtually unstoppable.
“Clients are often a little nervous about outsourcing until they realize how much they can gain in terms of time and accelerated packaging innovations. They also save on indirect costs, as parts of the process are often carried out by their own people. Once they’ve experienced the full service concept, clients want it at lightning speed. And after fourteen years at sea with both large and small brands, we know our way very well.”