Solved: Standing out with a competitive price

Say you have a private label for chocolate products, and you’d like to bring a new brand to market. The product is ready to sell, and you also have access to sales channels throughout Europe and beyond. Now all you need is the perfect packaging. That’s the story of Choco Shocks miniatures, which now stock the shelves in a stylish quatro seal upright bag.



The problem: product without a package

The challenge was clear to Wouter Struijs, Area Manager New Business at Strootman Group: he needed a packaging solution for the crispy Choco Shocks mini-bars. But that requirement also came with a set of challenging specifications.
“We have an intrinsically good product, but our producer can’t package it. That’s why we went looking for the right partner to do it for us. We were looking for a good package for a competitive price, because we work with tight margins; the retail price for the minis can’t exceed 1 euro, for example. But at the same time, we wanted our packaging to stand out on the shelves, for example through its deluxe appearance.”


“Co-packing isn’t our business, but we do want to achieve the maximum result.”
Wouter Struijs (Strootman Group)


The partnership: perfect packaging

Joergen Pleijte, Business Development Manager at Vetipak, got to work on the packaging problem together with Wouter. Purchasing, pre-financing, waste management, co-packing solutions... Vetipak’s full-service concept has put Choco Shocks on the fast lane to success.


“It’s always great to be able to help with the launch of a new product or brand. For the Choco Shock minis, we chose for a quatro seal: an upright bag with four sealed edges. That’s the perfect technique for this product: an attractive cost price, and the ideal presentation to make it stand out in a retail setting. We used our experience with comparable projects, and were able to keep the cost price low by using the right packaging suppliers from our network.”


“It’s always great to be able to help with the launch of a new product.”
Joergen Pleijte (Vetipak)


The added value: full service

Wouter mainly expected that Vetipak would take all of the work out of his hands. “We’re a commercial company, specialists in purchasing and selling goods. We don’t want to get distracted by co-packaging. What we do want, is to achieve the maximum result with the available resources. And I have to say: Vetipak has proven its added value. There are opportunities to expand the Choco Shocks product range. In that case, the choice to call on Vetipak once again would be the logical decision.”