Solved: thousands of pallets repackaged in no time

Two different worlds that merge into one and so provide the customer an enormous added value. That is a short description of the cooperation which we have with Bakker Logistiek. We recently achieved another success in repacked thousands of quarter pallets.


The reason: repacking

For a major customer - an A-brand in snack and savory goods - we had to repackage 7,500 quarter pallets with boxes with bags on them. The snacks came as mono deliveries from various factories in Europe. The final destinations of the final mix pallets were the branches of a Norwegian supermarket chain. 


The challenge was to convert all mono deliveries to mixed pallets at one location, so that every Norwegian supermarket would receive a varied assortment. But… you can only make a balanced mix if you have all the different components. As a result, we could only start repacking when we received the last delivery. So we needed space to put the many pallets away.


“We were able to switch very quickly,

exactly to the wishes of our client”

Joergen Pleijte, Vetipak

The solution: making some meters

That's where our collaboration with Bakker Logistics comes in. We have been partners for several years now and have formed a successful alliance, explains Business Development Manager Joergen Pleijte: “Bakker focuses on warehousing and distribution, we concentrate on packaging. That are two different worlds which cannot exist without each other. ”


In this case, the choice to repack fell on the Bakker warehouse in Tilburg, because there was sufficient storage capacity at the time. “We were able to switch quickly, exactly to the wishes of our client, among other things to take maximum advantage of the best-before date of the snacks. Thanks to our Vetipak External concept, where our people are present in-house at Bakker, so that we can immediately make progress. Another challenge that we have transformed into a success together! "


“We are willing to listen to each other”

Erik Ros, Bakker Logistiek

The collaboration: from one-off to structural

The relationship between Vetipak and Bakker Logistiek is excellent. Not only Joergen thinks this, but also Erik Ros, Director of Operations and Commerce at Bakker Logistics. “We are willing to listen to each other and find a solution very practically,” he explains. "We trust each other and we have a common goal: to arrange things as well as possible for our customer."


“In this case, the factor ‘time’ was important. You shouldn't keep looking each other in the eye and calculate processes to three decimal places then; you have to get started! So don't blab on, just clean. You do the fine-tuning on the go. This project proves that this leads to success. After all, as a result of this, the customer has decided not to leave the collaboration once, but to give it a structural form. We all benefit from that.”