“Thankful for the growth opportunities”

She would have loved to given her colleagues a big hug on her last working day, but that was not possible due to the corona measures. It says a lot about the bond that Daniëlle van der Heijden (35) has with Vetipak. After nearly seventeen years of employment in various positions, it is time for a new chapter in her career.  


Daniëlle still remembers her start at Vetipak. “I was nineteen years old, finished school and looking for a job. I read in a local newspaper that Vetipak was looking for some production employees. Ideal! The company was almost around the corner, I could go there by bike. The application went well: I could start work the following Monday.”


A nice team

What particularly appealed to her was the team of young colleagues. “Especially the girls, mostly peers, a very nice group. But I also liked the work on the line: putting chocolates in mix bags. Although I must say that at that age I especially thought it was fun. And that it was!”



A few years later, her team leader asked if she would like to become a quality employee. Daniëlle: “That seemed like a good idea to me ... And he was proven right. As a quality employee I checked the production lines and I was also a raid shift manager. Very nice in content! Other activities, more responsibility …  But also exciting. Suddenly I no longer stood next to my colleagues in terms of function, but I had a leading role.”


“Thanks to the opportunities which Vetipak has given to me, I have become much more confident”


Multiple positions

In the years that followed, Daniëlle held multiple positions. So she was a receptionist, working on the production of new articles and her last role was that of a quality coordinator. After nearly seventeen years, now it is time for a new step. “I could have continued to grow successfully at Vetipak, because the company constantly offers new opportunities, even now. But I really wanted something different. It was difficult, but I took on a challenge outside of Vetipak.”


Vetipak children

Daniëlle is currently QESH officer at a manufacturer of spices and sauces. And although she thoroughly enjoys her new job, she still remembers the Vetipak time. “I have experienced so much at Vetipak … All those lovely colleagues, of whom I even married the sweetest one. I got to know my husband Michel at Vetipak. We now have children, so real ‘Vetipak children’!”


“I think Vetipak is still a people business,

which feels like family to me”


More confidence

Daniëlle has also grown personally. “I came in as a little quiet mouse with no experience. I hardly dared to say anything and often asked myself: ‘Can I do this?’ Thanks to the opportunities which Vetipak has given to me, I have gained much more confidence. I am still grateful to Vetipak for that.”


A people business

Of course she has also see the company change. From a relatively small organisation, Vetipak grew into a company with nine locations. “And where previously only people were on the production line, today there are many more robots and machines. Nevertheless, I still think Vetipak is a people business, which feels like family to me. That is why saying goodbye was so difficult for me. I am sure I still return soon to see everyone again.”