The day of… Magdalena Tos

Many different people work at Vetipak. And they all contribute in their own way to our beautiful company. To tell something more about that, we follow them for a day. This time with: Magdalena Tos, team leader Personal Care.


Thursday, September 26, 4:40 AM

As always, my day starts early. As soon as I get out of bed, I immediately drink a glass of water with lemon. I get more energy from that than from a cup of coffee. After a breakfast with yogurt and berries I get in the car. Because I am on time, I choose an alternative route today. The same road every day can be quite boring!


5.30 AM

Around half past five I walk into the canteen. I chat with the rest of the employees there. Those conversations are often about little things, but that is not a bad thing at all. As a team leader I like to be in the middle of the group. A good mutual bond ensures a lot of team spirit.


5.59 AM

We start production! Today we make gift sets with the most delicious scents and rituals. I immediately notice that I miss two colleagues. Until they arrive, I take over their tasks on the production line. Because that's how you do it in a team! As soon as they arrive, I look for my own workplace. There I start by booking all the hours. And when that is over, I immediately check the results of yesterday. It was a productive day! To be sure that we are performing so well again today, I immediately carry out a quality check on the line.

12.07 PM

As always I make a schedule for the next day after the break. Then I join a performance board meeting with employment agencies. We discuss some new actions, because ... there is always room for improvement. As soon as the team leader walks in for the evening shift, my working day is over. Despite that,  I will stay a while to answer some questions from new employees. But then: straight home!


15.40 AM

On the way back I stop at the supermarket. We don't have any food in the house yet. My boyfriend and I go for a quick (but tasty!) bite, because we recently bought a new house. In our free time we are mainly busy renovating. No shortage of ideas, because I love to be inspired online! The tricky thing is: there are so many great options ...


20.05 AM

Finally recovery time! We have some friends visiting and together we lay on the couch. On television we watch an episode of the 13 Reasons Why series. When that is over, I quickly go to bed. Tomorrow will be early day again. But if it's over ... it's the weekend!