The drive of… Hans Joore

Vetipak counts almost two hundred employees and sometimes up to four hundred and fifty temporary workers are added. Due to its size, the HR policy is, according to HR Manager Hans Joore, often ‘a circus in itself’. But … a nice circus!


You are an HR Manager. A nice job?

“Absolutely! I have been working at Vetipak for about six years now. Together with a Junior HR Manager and an assistant, I form a three-person department. Within that department I have a wide range of tasks. When people and organizations get together, I am involved.  It is just that combination that speaks to me in my profession.”


What are your biggest challenges?

“I want to continuously improve our HR Policy, for example by digitizing and automating. In addition, I also try to monitor our core values, such as responsibility and ownership. I think it is important that we grow responsibly. That is only possible by attracting the right people.”


The hire-to-retire-idea should sound familiar to you. What does Vetipak do with this?

“It is not a goal in itself for us to let employees remain in service until their retirement. Of course we want to keep our people for our company as long as possible, because experience is extremely valuable. That is why we ensure that everyone here can grow in a meaningful way.”


“We komen bijna altijd tot een goede oplossing”

"I think it is important

that we grow responsibly"


Can you give an example of that?

“There are many migrant workers among our temporary workers. We give them plenty of space to learn the Dutch language and to start a BBL training. This allows them to move on to other positions within our company. Consider a job as a food operator, customer support employee or team leader. When I see that happening, I am secretly proud of what we do here.”


You were just talking about digitization and automating. How does software help with this?

“Huge! We recently launched AFAS and established a solid foundation. All our employees have access to our digital environment, where they can view their paycheck and leave days. Soon they will be able to apply for leave and submit declarations there.”


The implementation of such a system is often a huge task…

“Still it all goes very smoothly. When we started this, we knew we would get a lot of questions from our employees. Therefore we have included consultation hours. During those sessions we answered all questions from employees. The togetherness was beautiful to see and gave me a lot of energy.”


Finally: what makes you enjoy going to work every day?

“Vetipak is a wonderful company and my job is very varied. Certainly because in addition to my work as an HR Manager, I am also part of the management. This allows me to make my mark in an executive and strategic way. I dare to say that I have the best job at Vetipak.”