The drive of… Karolina Zapadka

Karolina Zapadka’s work listens very closely. As a Customer Service Assistant she ensures, among other things, that setup of new items is perfect. And does the first production preceed as desired? Then our customer is satisfied. Just like Karolina.  


In short: what does your job look like?

“Together with Anja Smallegang, I am a good team. I have a lot of contact with our customers, because I am the first contact for orders and deliveries. I also ensure that new items enter the ERP-systeem. And that is always exciting.”


What makes it so exciting?  

“Our target is to do everything first time right: the first production must be perfect. And that entire process, from order to production, is with me. I have to collect the correct information and wishes from the customer. Fortunately, I know better anyone else what is important, because I know the production side better than somebody else.  For example; it is essential to know how to calculate and display the expiry date. That is how I collect all the details.”


How do you do that?  

“That depends on the customer. Some clients have data sheets. On the basis of our ‘cookbook’, a kind of checklist, I check if we are complete. If not? Then of course we will supplement it. Then I process all data into a clear instruction for production. We process these together with all customer and product information in our system. Ready for production!”


“On the basis of our ‘cookbook’

I check if we are complete”


How does a first production go?

“Sometimes they are rush jobs, but usually we have everything ready four weeks in advance. Two weeks before production there is a go or no go. If we can continue, we invite the customer to be present. But that doesn’t always work, because some customers need a lot of new items or they need to travel from abroad. They will receive a start-up report anyway and if they want a sample will be sent. Fortunately we usually manage to do everything first time right. That is what makes me happy."


What characteristics do you need to do this job well?  

“You have to be able to switch quickly, be precise and keep an overview. In addition, I enjoy the personal contact. I prefer to visit clients of receive them here. I also have a good click with my colleagues. Together we make the difference for our customers. And that drives me every day!”


Extra reading: that is how Karolina came to Vetipak (in Dutch).