The Van de Ven family increases ownership Vetipak

Usually in this blog we are not talking about stocks and other financial matters. But this time we make an exception. The Van de Ven family is increasing her ownership of Vetipak again.


Until recently, Vetipak’s shares were held by three families. The Van de Westelaken and Den Otter family became co-owners already early in the history of our company. Thanks to their involvement, Vetipak has grown into a company that is ready for the future in every sense. We are very grateful to them for that!


At the end of 2019, a process started in which Arno van de Ven and his family mostly take over the shares again. From the strong position of our company, they want to continue the long-term course with confidence.


Continue growing

Arno: “We want to continue to grow, in breadth and depth. In other words: we want to increase our market share in the markets in which we are already active, but also tap into new markets.”


This means that Vetipak continues to invest heavily in technology, innovation and sustainability. Arno: “That is the best way to remain an attractive cooperation partner for our customers, employees and suppliers, And to continue to make an essential social contribution. Because that is also important to us as shareholders.”


So no big changes? “No, definitely not. However, the supervisory board will become an advisory board. The Executive Board remains unchanged. We simply continue in the current way: full speed ahead towards the future!”


Arno van de Ven: “Full speed ahead towards the future!”