There’s so much going on at Vetipak!

Press passes, pastry, and lots and lots of sticky notes: those were the ingredients of the training course that 21 Vetipak colleagues attended last week. They discovered how much our company is actually doing, and how we can share those events: with one another and the outside world.



“You’re sitting on a huge mountain of great stories”, according to one of the trainers. “But you probably don’t realize how special those stories are. Because to you, they’re the most normal thing in the world. But what you do for your clients, the things you make, and the sheer number of innovative packaging solutions you develop are anything but normal. Just to mention a few things. How great would it be if we started to share those stories with one another? And with the outside world?”


Vetipak correspondenten


So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ve put together an editorial team and a network of correspondents, and together we’ll go searching for all of those stories, both big and small. Because it just doesn’t make sense for us to do something special in Zeewolde, and the other locations never hear about it. Or to develop a new technique for one client, that the other clients don’t know about...
A glance at the flip-over with the results of a five-minute brainstorming session says enough. And these are just a few of the ideas that we’ll be sharing over the next few months: internally, via our website, and via our social media channels.


A full flip-over page: the results of just five minutes’ brainstorming.


There was also cause for celebration: our new website is live! So the trainers treated the participants to a huge cream pastry. And fortunately, some colleagues immediately documented it with their smartphones, like true correspondents. Training complete!