This is what we noticed during TWFA 2019

The Tax Free World Association (TFWA) in Cannes is the world's largest trade fair for duty free and travel retail. To discover the latest developments and to maintain our network, Mark van der Burgt, Chief Commercial Officer, was of course there. And this struck him!


1. New players in the market

“Although duty-free and travel retail is a fairly closed market segment, more (smaller) new players are emerging. They see travel retail as the way to "go out into the world" with their products and generate brand awareness."


2. International audience

“A striking number of these new players in the market come from the Middle East and India. The same applies to the visitors that come to the trade fair. The mix of nationalities was therefore greater than ever this year. Fortunately we speak a good bit of English, so we got to know new market players again.”


3. Focus on personalization and sustainability

“Personalization is hot! We have of course seen for some time that brands increasingly offer personalized products, but the TWFA underlined that trend again! Furthermore, sustainability - just like on the FachPack - was of course a very actual and important theme.”


4. Generation Z is changing the game

“New travelers (generation Z) spend their time at the airport less and less in duty-free stores. To bridge waiting times, they prefer to dive into their phones. To reach this new generation, big brands are looking hard for digital resources that can help. A development to keep an eye on.”



“In the short term, these trends have hardly any influence on our business operations. But with an eye to the future, it is important to note what developments are taking place in these markets that are important to us. After all, one day we will reap the benefits."

Mark van der Burgt, CCO Vetipak