“Timing is everything: it has to be perfect”

Calling the partnership between the Dutch-Swedish candy manufacturer Cloetta and Vetipak External’s Zeewolde location ‘intensive’ would be a bit of an understatement. In fact, logistics specialists Leon Vermijs speaks with some Vetipak employees more often than he does with his own colleagues at Cloetta, manufacturers of Red Band, Venco, Sportlife and Lonka. Five questions, five answers.


Can you tell more about the partnership?

“Everything our plants make for the Dutch market goes to the Bakker Logistics distribution centre, where Vetipak is the in-house co-packer. Around 95% of our products don’t need any extra work, but there are some unique products that do. Sometimes they need a different sticker on the package, and sometimes a customer will want several types of candy in a combination box. Vetipak also packages all of our displays for supermarkets, stores and gas stations.”

What’s the most important aspect of that work?

“Timing is everything: it has to be perfect. Displays are usually intended for sale weeks, and the shops naturally communicate the dates to their clients. So the goods definitely have to show up on time. That requires a lot of flexibility from Vetipak, because we often don’t know what products we’ll be marketing three months down the line, or in which quantities.”


"Vetipak also packages all of our displays for supermarkets, stores and gas stations.”


Do you often rely on Vetipak’s flexibility?

“Definitely, but fortunately we have short lines of communications and we can act quickly. We don’t take that for granted; in fact, we really appreciate it. After one recent rush job, we showed our appreciation with a candy gift pack for all of the Vetipak employees.” 

How else does Vetipak offer added value?

“We have a lot of contact to discuss things like how we can organize logistical processes more efficiently. And in the area of sustainability, we look for ways to re-use as many boxes as possible. Vetipak and my colleagues also think about the technical design for displays, where stability and materials are important factors.”

How do you see the partnership with Vetipak developing in the future?

“I don’t think much will change in the area of logistics. We’ll always look for opportunities for improvement, of course, but the partnership is already very solid. Vetipak delivers quality, and we’ve made great strides in the area of communications over the past few years. We’re extremely open to each other, even when things go wrong, and now we’re enjoying the fruits of that work. So we’ll be working well together for the foreseeable future!”


"The partnership is already very solid"