“Vetipak and Circa Twee are a real team”

On the Freshly Packed page at this website we share our knowledge and stories. About technology, sustainability and our anniversary, for example. We do this for our stakeholders, and if possible also with them. But always with the support of a marketing communications consultant from Circa Twee, our communications agency. For the past six months, this has been Janneke Buitenhuis. Five questions, five answers.


What was your first impression of our company?

“I was surprised by the informal atmosphere I found there. Although Vetipak is a big company, its culture is still very much that of a family business. I’ve enjoyed working with them right from the start: they’re flexible, driven, and know a good opportunity when they see one.”


What makes the stories on the Freshly Packed page interesting to read?

“They’re not marketing driven; they’re actual news items that deal with developments in the market and at Vetipak itself. They’re also very personal stories. Just take a look at employee-centered columns like ‘A day in the life of...’ and ‘What drives...’. All of the stories also serve to illustrate the many ways in which the company lives up to its payoff: ‘Making the difference together!’ They show how Vetipak works to do just that with its clients, partners, and employees.”


What role do you play in that process?

“You might say I’m an extension of the Marketing team, which is not really a department, but rather an editorial board composed of employees and one of the managers. During our editorial meetings – which are always nice and casual – we all work together to write the kinds of stories people want to read. My job, and that of my co-workers at Circa Twee, is to add that little touch of creativity and make sure everything is visually appealing for the audience.”


But there’s more to the partnership than that, isn’t there?

“Absolutely, we’ve been Vetipak’s go-to agency for years and were involved in developing the company’s mission, vision and identity. That resulted in the current corporate identity, and then this website and all sorts of other communication resources. Our approach is very similar to that for the editorial meetings: we bounce ideas off of each other, and their input is a big part of why we work so successfully together. Vetipak and Circa Twee are a real team.”


So you were lucky to join Vetipak just as the company was getting ready to celebrate its anniversary...

“Ha ha – that’s right. Angelique and I were in touch just about every day to discuss the Company Day back in April and the anniversary celebrations in May. There were so many things to organize, and we were there mostly to provide creative support. For example, instead of sending out traditional invitations, we gave people an original gift: something a little different, with a little sprinkle of humor, and of course... impeccably packaged!”