The Vetibox is our own proprietary packaging format for unique 3D packaging. It is ideally suited for high-quality packages and seasonal promotions.

With the Vetibox, we have deconstructed the classic supply chain. You order your basic packaging from your supplier, and have us set it up, fill it, and seal it. It is a pleasantly simple process with lower transport costs, and is available as a full-service option upon request.

Ideally suited for:


  • Promotional and/or thematic packaging
  • Seasonal packaging
  • A sustainable alternative for rigid plastic formats


For larger volumes, we can also offer automatic filling and tamper-resistant variants (using robotics), as well as special seal closures.


Vetibox 1 Vetibox 2 Vetibox 3

  • Enhanced brand experience

  • In-house design

  • Plenty of options for creative forms

  • Free choice of cardboard purchasing